1. Introduction

Courage is a quality, not a trait. It is not something that you can “have” or “not have;” rather it is an attribute of people who are strong. The challenge of courage comes not from our role as leaders, but rather from our role as teachers and counselors. We are often asked to confront fear, to be courageous in teaching and counseling others, to be courageous in facing up to personal challenges that we personally have faced or might face in the future.

2. The Definition and History of Courageous

“Courage is doing what you think you cannot do, believing what you know is true, and speaking the truth even when it hurts.” (Mark Twain) We’ve talked about courage often here in the past, but it’s worth revisiting. It is an intangible quality that has been around a long time and has a very specific definition. “Courage” is defined as “the state or quality of being courageous. ” In other words: a person who exhibits courage is courageous. Courageous people are not necessarily brave. They are people who have the strength to face fear without running away from it; people who exhibit courage without being reckless or idiotic. Courageous people are also not necessarily likeable — but in general, they are more likable than people who aren’t courageous (or aren’t bold enough).

3. What Makes Someone Courageous

Courage is the quality that makes people who are courageous. It is the ability to face fear, and the ability to overcome it. It is the ability to act instead of react, to face failure instead of falling into it. It’s the ability to act as one already knows how. And this is why courage is so difficult — because no one has any idea how to do it. Courageous people are not afraid of anything, they are not afraid of failure or defeat, they are not afraid of being wrong; they are not afraid of rejection or being rejected; they don’t let doubt or uncertainty destroy their resolve and their strength in some way; they don’t let fear take over them, rather they embrace it and use it for their advantage. Courageous people make a decision about something now, whether a job offer or whether tackling a new project will be worth pursuing. If you want to become courageous, you need to learn which decisions have a higher chance of being right than others — and then you can decide if you want them or not.

4. How to Be Courageous in Real Life Situations

Fear and bravery are often closely linked in the popular imagination. But what exactly is courage? In a recent TED talk, neuroscientist Matthew Lieberman explains that most people don’t actually know what courage is — or rather, they think they do, but they don’t. Lieberman lists the five most common traits of courageous people: Take initiative. This means taking risks and making tough decisions that may seem risky to others. Perform well under pressure. The stress of a job interview can cause anyone to slip up on occasion, but it should never become an excuse for not doing your best in the face of real danger. Be vulnerable with other people. When you show vulnerability with others and open yourself up, you will be vulnerable with yourself too. Be flexible about rules, boundaries and expectations. So many times we make our own rules — which can be more limiting than any set of rules we find ourselves under — and then expect others to follow them without question, even when we’re not entirely sure what we are doing ourselves (which is why it’s so hard to have an open discussion about boundaries).The value of courage is something that few things can rival: a willingness to take risks that seem unappealing or wrong (when it comes down to it) in order to test limits in terms of personal growth and self-improvement. Courageous individuals choose this path because they have built their lives around it; they have already survived hardships through the acts of courageous individuals who came before them; they know that they can endure any obstacle if they work hard enough…and so they do.

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    Courageous is an attribute of people who are strong or face up personal challanges, that might face up in the future. Consecuently, it is an intangeable quality that has been around for a long time and has an specific definition. Courage is defined as the state to be courageous. Despite of courageous people are not necessarily brave.If not that they are people who has the strenght to fear without running away from it, without being reckless or idiotic. Another characteristic is that they are not afraid of rejection or being rejected. They are not afraid to be wrong. The value of courage is something that few things can rival. It is the willingness to take risks that seems unappealing or wrong.
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