1. Introduction

Thank you is a simple and often overlooked expression that has many definitions. Let’s start with a definition from The Free Dictionary: Thank You (noun): A formal or salutary expression of gratitude to any person, thing, or situation for your good fortune. It’s a simple and sometimes overlooked expression. It can be used to express thankfulness and appreciation at the same time. When you are thankful, find someone to thank in the first place. Also, “thank you” can be used as an exclamation point; however, this usage is generally only appropriate when you want to express surprise or gratitude for an unexpected occurrence. If your intention was to say thank you for something in particular, then your tone may not be appropriate for it. A more polite way to say “thank you” is “Thank you very much!”

2. History of being thankful

I’ve always been thankful for my parents. When I was young, they were the ones that attended to me. They were the ones to give me a chance and give me hope. They were the people that took quite a while to recognize me as a person and they only did so when they could not take it anymore. They had to put up with my ridiculous behavior, but there is something about them that just made me want to be better. It’s too easy for us to forget our parents because we think of them in terms of how much work they did for us and how much we do for them later on in life, but that’s not really the case with them. Their work was done before we were even born and it’s been done for generations after. For example, my parents were both college graduates who moved around quite often during their lives, but stayed close enough so that I could always visit them whenever I was in New York (or wherever else) when I wanted to go home. A few years ago, they both passed away while traveling in Asia and all I had was their memories of one of the most meaningful relationships I have ever had with anyone else in my life: a father to his daughter who he taught how much he loved her, a son whom he trusted enough to be there if he needed him at any time in his life and an older brother whom he never stopped mentoring him even though he became an old man himself. I am thankful every time I see myself as an individual because then I realize what kind of a person my parents made me into: one who loves; one who teaches; one who is responsible; one who cares; one who hopes; one whose dreams make me strive for more; one whose challenge keeps pushing me forward; one whose journey has taught me more than any single book ever could have told me about myself…

3. Being thankful in our society today

I am thankful for a whole lot of things. I am grateful for the notion that we have an abundance of food in this world to eat. I am thankful for the way that my children love me and care about me. I am thankful for my husband who is patient and has shown me how to be the best partner I can be. He knows when I need to turn off my mind and let go so he can relax, which makes me happy too because when things get tense, he knows where to go and what to do while his mind stays focused on business; he’s got that God-given ability. I am grateful that we have a balanced understanding of each other. I always know where he stands on important topics because he never lies to me, which makes him a true friend, not just a business partner. I am thankful for my family who loves each other unconditionally, even though there are times when we don’t get along completely because there is always something else on our minds or something else happening in our lives; even though we argue sometimes because life happens around us, sometimes from it and sometimes from outside influences like weather that may change or people trying to hurt us or others trying to persuade us or creating twists in life that make it hard for us to want to be together at all times. I am thankful for the good friends I have who are close with each other and with all of us who are involved with each other as well as people whom I don’t know personally — like you — but whose friendship means so much more than what their opinions mean when they say them out loud without knowing everything about you personally; they care about you and your future too much not to tell you what they think even if they don’t agree with your decisions at all. They will defend you against the wrongdoings in their own lives if need be, no matter how bad it might hurt them emotionally and physically which again makes them very special friends indeed! I am thankful for the way God has given me lots of truly good people who have helped me through thick and thin over these many years as well as some people whom I don’t know personally either but whose friendship means so much more than what their opinions mean when they say them out loud without knowing everything about you personally . . . like yourself! God bless you!

4. Being thankful in the workplace

Your first step to being thankful is to acknowledge that you have a character trait. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and appreciate others’ strengths, weaknesses and personality traits. Character traits are like a character sheet for the human mind — they are like the elevator of your brain that tells you what you need to know about your own personality. Your character traits can be categorized into two types: positive or negative. Healthy or unhealthy traits determine how you act and what influences you do, which leads me to my next point. You may have great qualities in one area of your personality but not others. It’s possible that one trait might make up for another, but other people will always judge your character based on how you act in that specific area of your life. You need to learn what it takes to be a good person in all areas of life, which includes acting in different areas of your life because no single trait can adequately cover all of them.

5. Conclusion

As you are reading this article, I’m sure you’re a bit tired. You probably missed a few days of work, spent the weekend at the beach, or maybe took a long road trip which left you refreshed and happy. Maybe you even realized that you’re thankful for more than life itself. You may have heard of being thankful for something. But what exactly is it? Do we have to be thankful for things that happen to us? Are there things we are only grateful for because of something else? I believe there is no shortcut to being thankful so don’t try to find one. Being thankful is something that will always come naturally. It just takes practice.

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