1. Intro

How do you know if you’re a generous person? How do you know if your time and money are worth more than somebody else’s? Being generous is not an easy task. It requires some discipline. And it’s not an act of charity, but an act of selflessness. A person must choose to be generous in order to show compassion towards others. And they must be willing to sacrifice something for the benefit of someone else. Being generous also means being willing to sacrifice private interests in favor of others’ needs. This is something that cannot be done for very long, but it can definitely be done with great deliberation.

2. The definition of a “generous person”

A generous person is one who is willing to give up some of their belongings, time, or money in order to make someone else happy. This is a very subjective definition and can vary from person to person. The word “generous” or “giver” has many associations to different cultures and countries. In India, a generous person is seen as someone who will give away something they have in order to help others. In Japan, the word “generous” refers to a person who will give you money in order to help you buy a house or buy more food for the kids. In other Asian cultures, a generous person is seen as someone who will give you something so that you can pay for your expenses or because they feel sorry for you. And then there are other cultures where the word has different connotations which apply only partially depending on the context of the context:

1) A generous person in China may be seen as someone who makes you feel better by giving money or goods and helps you with your finances or with your family’s finances (i.e., paying for your children’s education).

2) A generous person in Japan is someone who will give you money in order to help with your family’s financial issues; that is helping your parents pay their bills so that they do not have to work so hard and earn too little income for them (i.e., paying for the education of your children).

3) A generous person in India may be seen as someone whom will donate some of his belongings (e.g., clothes) to charity organizations such as orphanages etc.; he may also donate part of his possessions such that he can pay off his other debts (e.g., borrowing money from friends).

4) A generous person in Ireland may be seen as somebody who gives away part of his/her possessions just so that he/she doesn’t have inadequate clothing and housing (i.e., donating old clothes when they wouldn’t sell them anymore etc.). This type of generosity may also refer to social action like donating one’s time by volunteering at an orphanage etc..

In general, generosity can be expressed through love, friendship, self-sacrifice, kindness and loyalty; these are all related attributes of generosity: generosity towards others; generosity towards oneself; selflessness; altruism / selflessness; selflessness towards oneself.;

3. How to be generous

Generosity is a decision. It’s an evaluation. It’s an ongoing process of assessing the resources with which you can do the best for others. There are many ways to be generous, and there are many ways to be less generous. You can be completely selfish and self-centered and not give anything away at all. You also have the option of being so generous that you end up hurting yourself as you sacrifice too much for others. When I was younger, I used to have a very common problem: I would always give people a gift when they gave me something in return, but they didn’t need it; they had plenty of other things they needed. They would often complain about it later on when we had to pay for the gift anyway — even though it felt like such an imposition on them! A good way to think about this is this thought experiment: what if you were in your home, and a stranger knocked on your door? What if he just wanted to borrow some money from you? Would you let him in? Probably not… because you value your privacy more than anyone else’s, or because you want to keep some dignity with that person who just knocked on your door!

4. Conclusion

A generous person is one who is willing to give up some of their belongings, time, or money in order to make someone else happy. A generous person has a sense of humor and a good sense of self. They are smart and they have a lot of energy without seeming like the most interesting people at the party. They are kind and patient and easy going . . . .

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